IATI studio API

Open source data-engine

OIPA is a framework that provides a rich and usable API for parsing, ingesting, storing and searching IATI compliant data. It’s the data-engine behind IATI studio and other IATI transparency web-portals made by Zimmerman & Zimmerman.

What is IATI?
IATI is a global aid transparency standard and it makes information about aid spending easier to access, use and understand using a unified open standard. You can find more about IATA standard at: http://iatistandard.org/

What is OIPA?
OIPA enables IATI standard compliant datasets to easily parse and interface that data using the API that has been developed on the Django framework.

The docs are available at http://docs.oipa.nl/en/latest/api/
Checkout OIPA on Github: https://github.com/zimmerman-zimmerman/OIPA

OIPA is licensed under AGPL.

OIPA has been developed by Zimmerman & Zimmerman.

Zimmerman & Zimmerman is an open-data visualisation company based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. OIPA can be used by anyone to visualize IATI data.

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