What is it?

IATI Studio extracts and normalises over 4.500 open datasets covering over 585.000 aid activities published in the IATI format, and provides you access to easy online tools to interact with all of that aid data. It promotes accountability and transparency on a global and local level and enables in-depth analysis of where the money goes and who spent the money on what.

Sign-up to the Community Edition and start interacting with any data provided by the 450+ organisations. Create charts on the fly for re-use and generate new value for your organisation.

IATI Studio is powered by the OIPA data-engine and is the latest service provided by Zimmerman & Zimmerman.

Whom is it for?

IATI studio is made for the international aid transparency community, non-profits, donors, journalists, universities and other organisations related to the UN data revolution.

New way of reporting

Receiving, implementing or funding organisations working in the International Aid Development sector can now easily visualise, compare, analyse, re-use and share IATI data and embed it in their reports. Start plotting charts, with IATI Studio’s Chart Builder, create open data web-portals with the IATI Studio Micro-site Builder or start publishing your aid information and project data with the IATI Studio Publisher. Show the world how open data can make international development aid more transparent and effective.

Start using IATI Studio today

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Community edition

Made for the International Aid Transparency Community
 Sponsored by IATI studio’s Enterprise Edition

For International & National NGO’s, governments, academics, private sector and specialists working on International Aid Development

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Enterprise Edition

Custom Solutions
IATI data-portals & consultancy

For larger organisations with custom demands, IATI dashboards and team collaboration

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check Single IATI studio community membership check Includes all Community features
check Visualize, analyse and share data, IATI studio public community feed – coming soon check Team collaboration features
check Create up to 10 private & public charts with IATI studio chart builder check Create unlimited private & public charts
check Embed, re-use and share charts check Custom designed IATI web-transparency portal and d3.js data visualizations
check Share charts on Twitter, LinkedIn and other channels check Custom URL (org. specific) – site integration
check High-res PNG & JPEG export check Custom implementation online brand identity
check Download data as CSV format – coming soon check Configure default chart colors & fonts
check Create 1 public micro IATI transparency portal – coming soon check Dedicated project manager
check Create & publish unlimited IATI activities – coming soon check E-mail ticketing & phone support
check Share IATI data via the IATI studio community feed check Unlimited API calls
check Unlimited chart views
check Create up to 10 public & private micro transparency web-portals – coming soon
Custom IATI web-portal showcases


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